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alpha-GPCh and HGH unite to improve memory and boost HGH levelsImagine combining all the wisdom and skill you've acquired over the years with the instant recall and the lightning-fast reactions, strength, and agility of someone decades younger. To those not acquainted with the science behind alpha-GPCh, Homeopathic HGH, and liposomal encapsulation technology, this probably sounds too good to be true. Well, now you can prove it to yourself — enjoy a delicious taste of this reality — without having to risk one red cent.

Yes! We're claiming it's possible to ignite your brain power (memory and sharpness) and rocket your muscle strength and reaction time to new and youthful levels — even if you're 50, 60, 70, even 80! Here's your chance to enjoy some heavy-duty help for brain and body — a free trial — combined with and backed by a full money-back guarantee!

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Alpha-HGHTM combines pharmaceutical-grade alpha-GPCh (alpha-glycerylphosphoralcholine) with pharmaceutical-grade Homeopathic HGH — directly from one of the few laboratories licensed to make it — married with a patented delivery system. A delivery system so advanced it virtually ensures 100% of these powerful supplements will get to the tissues that need them. There is nothing else more powerful — anywhere! If you're not familiar with these powerful substances, read on...

What you can expect as HGH levels increase...

As we get older, the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) produced by our pituitary gland continues to diminish. By age 40, we typically produce roughly 40% of what we did at 20. By 80, we produce around 5% of what we did at 20!

Because the decrease in HGH levels coincides with the decline in health, well being, and overall body function associated with aging, there is a growing interest in this powerful substance. In fact, studies have repeatedly shown that increasing HGH levels in the body can reverse the effects of aging.

Research at the Medical College of Wisconsin — using injectable HGH — reported the following IMPROVEMENTS from raising HGH levels...


84% Increase in Energy Level

81% Increase in Exercise Tolerance

83% Increase in Exercise Endurance

62% Improvement in Memory

88% Increase in Muscle Strength

81% Increase in Muscle Size

72% Loss of Body Fat

68% Increase in Skin Thickness

71% Increase in Skin Elasticity

62% Decrease in Wrinkles

38% Increase in New Hair

55% Increase in Healing of Old Injuries

61% Increase in Healing of Other Injuries

73% Improved Resistance to Common Illnesses

75% Increase in Sexual Potency / Frequency

62% Increase in Penile Erection

58% Decrease in Hot Flashes

The homeopathic component of Alpha-HGH has demonstrated the ability to increase HGH levels. Most often, people notice changes within one to 7 days of the start of Alpha-HGH supplementation, and with continued improvement over six months of daily use.

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Clinical Studies Prove Power of Homeopathic HGH

Clinical Trial on Homeopathic HGH
The Culik study demonstrated a 240% increase in IGF-1. IGF-1 levels always follow increases in HGH levels.
Several clinical studies, most of them placebo controlled trials, attest to the effectiveness of homeopathic HGH. One such study was done by Diane A. Culic, M.D. and Dr. Gary Docks in January of 2000. This was a 30-day double blind study. That means that neither the physicians administering the test, nor the subjects actually knew who was getting the Homeopathic HGH and who was getting the placebo. Both objective and subjective methods were used to determine effectiveness of Homeopathic HGH. Since Growth Hormone is responsible for initiating the creation of IGF-1 in the liver, measurement of changes IGF-1 levels are often used to detect changes in Human Growth Hormone. Increases in IGF-1 always follow increases in HGH levels. The Culik study demonstrated a 240% increase in IGF-1.

Secondly, subjects were also asked to evaluate a set of 10 clinical symptoms known to be associated with increased blood levels of HGH. Those included vision, energy levels, muscle strength, joint movement, memory retention and others. A significant improvement in 9 of 10 categories was recorded.

The only reported improvement greater in the placebo group than that of the Homeopathic HGH group was in the area of improved sleep. The researchers also noted that the placebo was predominately composed from alcohol which may explain the sedative effect.

A set of three double-blind, placebo-controlled studies was published in the December 1999 issue of Alternative and Complementary Therapies. The studies, headed by Barbara Brewitt, Ph.D., formally with the National Institutes of Health, found the Homeopathic HGH significantly increased body mass and simultaneously decreased overall body weight, body fat, mental clarity, increased libido, improved breathing, improved skin softness, and improved sleep quality over those in the placebo group.

In a 21-day double-blind, cross-over study, researchers discovered that homeopathic HGH significantly increased lean body mass and simultaneously decreased overall body weight, body fat, and blood pressure. HGH subjects also reported significant increases in energy, mental clarity, increased libido, improved breathing, improved skin softness, and improved sleep quality over those in the placebo group.

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Super-Charge Your Brain and Your Entire Body

The alpha-glyceryl phosphoral choline in Alpha-HGH has been shown to powerfully super-charge brain and muscle tissue by boosting levels of acetylcholine around neuronal synapses.

That translates into better memory, clearer thinking, faster response times, improved muscle response and more.

Here's why...

All muscle and brain function in the body is dependent upon the transmission of electrical impulses along neurons (nerve cells). These cells communicate with each other across a chemical bridge between the ends of these nerve cells -- called synapses. The choline-based molecules that carry the signal across these synapses are called neuro-transmitters.

Active Receptor with Neurotransmitter
Neurons do not actually touch. They depend on chemicals (called neurotransmitters) to move their signals across the synapse. Alpha-GPCh facilitates and enhances this process.
Imagine trying to start a car when you have faulty battery cables. It can't happen. There has to be a conductor so the electricity can move from the battery to the starter. In like manner, a deficiency of choline-based neuro-transmitters at the junction of nerve cells -- called synapses -- slows down or prevents nerves impulses from reaching their destination.

Research shows that choline-based neuro-transmitters are at the very heart of learning, memory, and all muscle movement.

The primary neuro-transmitter in muscle tissues and the brain is acetylcholine. Severe deficiencies of acetylcholine around neurons have been identified with aging, slowed reaction times, deficient response to exercise, short-term memory loss and several brain disorders, including Alzheimer's.

The alpha-glyceryl phosphoral choline in Alpha-HGH works! Within days -- sometimes the first night -- users notice more vivid dreams and that the actually remember them! Soon after, the thinking is noticeably sharper and clearer. Within a couple of weeks most report a big improvement in their body's response to exercise -- more endurance, muscle development, faster recovery and an improvement in overall strength.

How it works...

Active Neuron Firing
Alpha-GPCh enhances the transmission of nerve impulses between neurons in the brain and in muscle tissues throughout the body.
After oral administration, Alpha-HGH is converted to phosphorylcholine, which is a metabolically active form of choline (not to be confused with phosphatidylcholine.) Phosphorylcholine is able to make its way to the synaptic nerve endings in the brain, and in turn increases acetylcholine synthesis and release.

Acetylcholine (AC) is a vastly important neurotransmitter present in both brain and muscle tissue. In the brain AC plays a key roll in basically every cognitive function, while in muscle it is vitally involved in muscle contraction as it is the major neurotransmitter involved in regulation our physiological response to exercise.

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Scientific Studies Reveal the Power of alpha-GPCh

A far-reaching review of 13 published clinical trials -- studying the impact of alpha-GPCh used on over 4,000 patients with brain dysfunction (including stroke, Alzheimer's, adult-onset cognitive dysfunction and others) found that the administration of alpha-GPCh significantly improved patient clinical condition. The review, published in the November 2001 issue of Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, found alpha-GPCh to be more effective than substances traditionally used for these conditions. Researchers were most impressed with the quick cognitive recovery of stroke patients given alpha-GPCh.

Several animal studies with alpha-GPCh show that it may slow the physiological changes in the brain due to aging. One long-term trial with laboratory rats demonstrated a remarkable action against the normal loss of brain neurons and their connective fibers associated with growing older. One of these studies with aged rats showed a restoration of neural receptors, in both quantity and suppleness, to that of young animals after consistent treatment with alpha-GPCh.

A study involving 2,044 recent stroke victims in Italy revealed that immediate treatment with alpha-GPCh, with a protocol involving injection and oral supplementation for a month, prevented memory loss in 71% of the subjects. Alpha-HGH is the only supplement of its kind — anywhere! Each chew-able tablet of Alpha-HGH contains the maximum level of homeopathic HGH allowed by law and 200 mg of alpha-GPCh in a patent-pending liposomal encapsulation formulation. It's a one-of-a-kind supplement guaranteed to satisfy your expectations.

AlphaHGHThe Alpha-HGH
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Alpha-HGH is guaranteed to benefit you or we'll cheerfully refund your entire purchase price. All we ask is that you try the product for a full 90-days. If at the end of that time, even up to one full year, you do not feel that it was worth every penny, return the empty bottles for a full refund of your initial purchase — no questions asked!

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